NR 509 Week 3 Midweek Comprehension Quiz
NR 509 Week 3 Midweek Comprehension Quiz


According to the lesson and the Bates’ Visual Guide video 16.15 Examining the Knees,

to test the medial collateral ligament (MCL), perform the following assessment test?

Posterior drawer sign

 Varus stress test

 Anterior drawer sign


 Valgus stress test

The valgus stress test or medial stress test, is a test for damage to the

medial collateral ligament of the knee. It involves placing the leg into

extension, with one hand placed as a pivot on the knee. With the other hand

placed upon the foot applying an abducting force, an attempt is then made

to force the leg at the knee into valgus. If the knee is seen to open up on the

medial side, this is indicative of medial collateral ligament damage and may

also indicate capsular or cruciate ligament laxity

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