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NR-509 Advanced Physical Assessment

Final Exam Study Guide Review

Know that in a 47-year-old man ED is usually ___________ rather than testosterone

- psychologic

Erectile dysfunction may be from psychogenic causes, especially if

- early morning erection is preserved.

it may also reflect decreased testosterone, decreased blood flow in the hypogastric

arterial system, impaired neural innervation, and diabetes

When performing a breast exam, know what abnormal masses should do when the arm

- may be fixed to skin or underlying tissues (may cause dimpling of skin or retraction

when arms are lifted over head or hands are pressed against hips)

Fibroadenoma and cysts mobility

- very mobile/mobile

Know that a high proportion of breast masses are noted during ________


Breast stage 1

- preadolescent- elevation of nipple only

Breast stage 2

- breast bud stage- elevation of breast and nipple as a small mound; enlargement of

areolar diameter

breast stage 3

- further enlargement of elevation of breast and areola, with no separation of their


breast stage 4

- projection of areola and nipple to form a secondary mound above the level of breast

breast stage 5

- mature stage- projection of nipple only; areola has receded to general contour of the

breast (although in some individuals the areola continues to form a secondary mound)

Know where pain is located with pancreatitis: acute

- epigastric, may radiation straight to the back of other areas of the abdomen; 20% with

severe sequelae of organ failure

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