Prioritization Delegation and Assignment 4th Edition LaCharity Test Bank

Prioritization Delegation and Assignment 4th Edition LaCharity Test Bank Chapter 1. Pain MULTIPLE CHOICE 1.A client tells the nurse that she rarely experiences pain, but when she does, she seeks medical attention. The nurse realizes this client understands that pain is important because it: 1. is a protective system. 2. includes the automatic withdrawal reflex. 3. creates sensitivity to pain. 4. helps with healing. ANS: 1 Pain is a protective system that includes protection from unsafe behaviors by use of reflexes, memory, and avoidance. Even though the automatic withdrawal reflex is a part of the pain response, it does not explain why pain is important. Pain does not create sensitivity to pain. Pain does not help with healing. PTS: 1 DIF: Analyze REF: Definitions and Implications of Pain 2.A client complains that the bed sheets touching his skin are extremely painful. The nurse realizes this client is experiencing: 1. allodynia. 2. modulation. 3. kinesthesia. 4. proprioception. ANS: 1 Allodynia or hyperalgesia is a state where a slight or nonpainful stimulus is interpreted as very painful. Kinesthesia is the awareness of movement. Proprioception is the awareness of body position. Modulation is an influencing factor in the perception of pain. PTS: 1 DIF: Analyze REF: Peripheral Nervous System 3.A client is complaining of severe abdomen pain. The nurse realizes this client is experiencing which type of pain? 1. Neuralgia 2. Pathological 3. Somatic 4. Visceral ANS: 4 Visceral pain is pain arising from the body organs or gastrointestinal tract. Somatic pain is pain WWW.THENURSINGMASTERY.COM that originates from the bone, joints, muscles, skin, or connective pain. Neuralgia and

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