ATI PN Comprehensive Predictor Form B_2020 / 2021_100% Correct Answers | ATI PN Comprehensive Predictor Form B_Graded A

ATI PN Comprehensive Predictor Form B_2020 / 2021

100% Correct Answers

1. A nurse is caring for a client who is 4 hr postoperative ff a total thyroidectomy. Which

ofthe ff manifestations should the nurse report to the provider as indicating possible


ANS: Tingling of fingers

2. A nurse in a long-term care facility is assisting with an in-service for newly hired

assistive personnel about legal issues within the facility. Which of the ff should the

nurseinclude as an example of assault?

ANS: Informing a client the nurse is going to administer an injection

even thoughthe client refuses


3. A nurse is collecting data from who is severe pain. Which of the ff questions should

thenurse ask first?

ANS: "Where is your pain located?"

4. A nurse is reviewing the laboratory results for a client who is at 29 weeks gestation.

Forwhich of the ff results should the nurse notify the provider?

ANS: Platelet count 95,000 mm3

5. A nurse is performing a dressing change for a client who had abdominal surgery 5 days

ago. The nurse notes organs protruding from the incision. Which of the ff actions

shouldthe nurse take?

ANS: Cover the exposed area with sterile, saline-soaked dressings.

6. A nurse is speaking with the adult daughter of a client who has Alzheimer's disease.

Thedaughter states, "I love my dad, but caring for him is wearing me out." Which of

the ff response should the nurse make?

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ANS: "Let's discuss how caring for your father is affecting your health.

7. A nurse is contributing to the plan of care for a care for a client who has chest tube

connected to a closed drainage system. Which of the ff actions should the nurse

includein the plan of care?

ANS: Maintain the drainage system below the level of the client's chest.

8. A nurse in an acute mental health facility is caring for a client who has borderline

personality disorder and reports. "I am going to kill my girlfriend when I get out of

here."Which of the ff actions should the nurse take?

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ANS: Notify the client's care team of the threats against the partner

9. A nurse is admitting a client who is at high risk for suicide. Which of the ff

actions is thenurse's priority?

ANS: Search the client's personal belongings

10. A nurse is caring for a client who is 1 day postoperative and is unable to

ambulate. Whichof the ff actions should the nurse take to promote the client's

venous return?

ANS: Maintain the sequential compression device.

11. A nurse in a pediatric clinic is collecting the data from a school-age child whose

injuriesare inconsistent with the parent's stated cause. Which of the ff actions

should the nurse take?

ANS: Report the suspected abuse to a appropriate agency.

12. A nurse is collecting data from a middle adult female client who is taking

melatonin.Which of the ff responses to the med should the nurse expect?

ANS: Improved sleep

13. A nurse on a pediatric unit is collecting data from four newly admitted clients.

Which ofthe ff clients should the nurse identify as being at risk for urinary


ANS: A school-age child who has allergic rhinitis and is taking


14. A nurse is preparing to administer purified protein derivative (PPD) to a client

who hassuspected TB. Which of the ff actions should the nurse plan to take?

ANS: Ensure the injection produces a wheal on the skin

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15. A client who is diagnosed with Parkinson's disease verbalizes frustration due to

increasedifficulty with ambulation. Which of the ff responses should the nurse


ANS: Perform active ROM with your arms and legs two times a day.

16. a Nurse is collecting data from a client who has multiple fractures following a

motor-vehicle crash. For which of the following client statements

ANS: "I am so frustrated. I cannot even open my milk carton for


17. A nurse on an acute care unity is collecting data from a school-age Child who

has cysticfibrosis. Which of the following findings is the priority for the nurse?

ANS: Reports lack of appetite

18. a nurse working in a provider's office receives a phone call from the parent of a

school-age child who has varicella. The parent asked the nurse when the child

can return to school. Which of the following responses should the nurse make?

ANS: "When the lesions have scabbed over."

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