NURS 634SOAP NOTE MSK-Low Back Pain latest
NURS 634SOAP NOTE MSK-Low Back Pain latest

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SOAP # 4: MSK-Acute Low Back Pain

Shumeka Hill, APN, PNP-AC


 History & Physical Examination

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 Patient Demographics:

Name: T.H.

Age/race/sex: 26 Hispanic Female

Clinical site: Primary Care clinic; Presents for sick visit.


Chief Complaints: “My lower back has been hurting for about 2 weeks now”.

 History of Present Illness :

Mrs. H is a 26 y/o Hispanic female with a six year history of depressioncontrolled on Sertraline, who presents to the clinic today complaining of

spontaneous occurring acute low back pain to lumber region that started

about 2 weeks ago after wearing heels to a party. Reports it has been very

difficult to dress lower body and to bend. She reports the pain is constant but

has intermittent intensities of aching and soreness throughout the day. The

pain is localized to the lumber area, described as aching and soreness with

no radiation, rated a 5/10 in office today with 3/10 being the lowest amount

of pain experienced and 8/10 being the worst pain she has experienced.

Reports the pain is worse in the mornings when getting out of bed after lying

down all night. She hasn’t tried any pharmacological or non-pharmacological

therapies. She reports no heavy lifting, strenuous exercise, current injuries,

nor feelings of anxiety or depression. However, about 5 years ago she was

riding her bike, went down a ramp and flipped head first over the handle

bars of the bike. At which time she experienced this same low back pain,

went to the ER and had X-rays that showed some inflammation and swelling.

She was then prescribed a muscle relaxant, Ibuprofen, and physical therapy

for 8 weeks, which helped tremendously. At today’s visit, she hopes to find

out where the pain is coming from and what she can do to prevent it from


 Past Medical History:

• Depression-active- diagnosed 6 years ago after mom passed in a MVA

• Low back pain-active-diagnosed about 5 years ago after previous back injury.

Past Surgical History:

• No surgeries to date


NKA to food, dust, mold, environment, or medications.

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Sertraline 150 mg by mouth daily for depression

 Health Maintenance:

• Influenza Vaccine-October 2017 at CVS.

• All other immunizations are up-to-date including TDaP, MMR, and Varicella.

• Last Pap smear- June 2016-normal

• Performs MSBE

• Depression screen positive for PHQ2; on meds and see Psychologists regularly.

• CAGE 0/4

 Personal & Social History:

• Lives alone in a one bedroom apartment.

• Works at a nursing home as a Certified Nursing Assistant 4

days/week. She loves her job and has a dependable car.

• Denies any smoking, illicit drug abuse, or alcohol misuse.

• Previously did cross fit in high school. However, do to work she hasn’t

had much time to get the amount of exercise she needs.

• Patient is sexually active with only one sex partner, her boyfriend.

• 24 hour diet recall: B- one bowl of Chex cereal; L- a turkey sandwich,

chips, and a diet coke; S-about 1-2 cups of cheese-it crackers and a

diet coke; D- Meatloaf, veggies, mashed potatoes from Boston Market,

and a bottled water.

 Family History:


Paternal: Paternal grandfather 81, HTN, DM; Paternal grandmother 76

history of DM and MI.

Maternal: Maternal grandfather died at 82 from MI, maternal grandmother

79, history of diabetes and arthritis.


Father: Father 59, history of HTN, Diabetes, Depression, and

Stroke. Mother: Mother 52, died in a MVA.


Siblings: Only child.


Children: No children.

 Review of Systems:

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