Fundamentals Exit HESI Questions and Answers.

Fundamentals Exit HESI Determining the client position for insertion of indwelling catheter, Most important Orthopnea Nurse teaching male with multiple sclerosis (MS) how to empty bladder using creude method. When performing return demonstration pt applies pressure to the umbilical area of his abdomen Apply downward manual pressure at the suprapubic region Finding a client sitting on the floor, nurse calls for help from UAP Get a BP cuff Correct position for patient walking with cane 30o flexion at the elbow Teaching a patient about crutch walking Place weight on arms and hands when using crutch Patient has active tuberculosis. Action to prevent spread of infection Wear mask when going to patient’s room To advance NG tube while inserting what position should patient be in High fowler’s Which profession is at greatest risk of developing Hepatitis A Cook in a restaurant Handwashing sequence Palms, between fingers, dry off with paper towel, turn off faucet

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